Look what Lady Dunnett has done
done done
She's just gone and written
A new book: We're smitten
We hope it's not the final one
one one

There is Johnson eight still to come:
But the others give joy by the ton
ton ton
With Gabriel, the Dame
And a chase and a Game
And a twist in the tale that will stun
stun stun

And headaches and blindness: What fun!
And Beltanno and Johnson fight scum
scum scum
There's Margot and our Wendy's mum
mum mum

And still there's Lulach, Thorfinn and Groa
And Toby, Ochoa
And Will Scott
And still there's Marthe, Austin, Joleta
Ludovic, Joneta
And Sim
Kate, Archie and Clem
And Rita (a gem!)
The Saint Mary's crew
And old Wat Buccleuch,
Jerrott and Richard too
It's too good to be true!

© Simon Hedges, 2000, from The Nikado
Thank you Simon!