Here's my memory.

Very shortly before the Edinburgh Gathering, Ann McMillan was persuaded to come on board as Bel of Cuthilgurdy. I fact, the part was written for her (Ann advising on the correct Scots to use). Ann, of course, was brilliant.
Unfortunately, Ann could not make it to Philadelphia.

At the opening reception at Philadelphia Dorothy Dunnett asked me how the Nikado was coming along. I explained that we had added a song for Adorne. "When I was a lad..." -
She joined in and sang "I served a term as office boy at an attorney's firm".

"Yes," I said. "But now it's 'When I was a lad in Burgundy...'". I then added, "And we have a slightly new ending. Unfortunately Ann McMillan couldn't make it, so we have no Bel, as I didn't want a non-Scot doing the part."

"Oh," she cried, "But you should have asked me!"

Simon Hedges, Gloucester, UK