"Deafen us, enchant us, educate us, (boy)."
Lymond to Will Scott; Game of Kings

When I read those words I shouted in my mind: "Oh yes! Please! Give me more of that!"
And so the books of Dorothy Dunnett let me forget everything round me every time I pick them up. It wasn't only a sentence I liked - on the contrary it included the secret message to me, to go on discovering unfamiliar worlds, unveiling unknown secrets - just enrich my whole life.
Only because of her enormous veiled hints and quotations I started reading Geoffrey Chaucer, Niccolò Machiavelli, started looking for foreign poems and songs. And in addition my interest in the epoch of the renaissance grew and I don't know when it will come to an end. Maybe never.

To sum up what her books mean to me, I only can say: "They are a full and only revelation".

This revelation and passion I learned to share with a wide range of people, whom I learned to know on the net, who were so similar to me and my thoughts. I like to say thanks for meeting them, discussing, dreaming with them, sharing the same pleasure in learning and entertaining.

Surely that is the reason why I took those lines for my list. It shows - by only using six words - the whole pleasure Dorothy gave everyone with her words and thoughts. And it will always remind me of the Deafening, the Enchantment and the Education because of her books, which will - that's for sure - never come to an end.
Petra Fuhrmann, Vienna Austria