Is this normal? Did you also have something which we call over here a "DUNNETT MOMENT"?

When I first read the four Niccolò's which were translated in German (this was in the begining 80ies) there was - beside others - the scene with Katelina and Niccolò at Kalopetra (the Valley of Butterflies). It is a heartbreaking scene, isn't it?

Then, when first visiting the island of Rhodes in October 1991, my husband and I discovered the history of the Order of Saint John by seeing the Palace of the Grand Master, and - last but not least - the Valley of Butterflies. We walked up the path which leads to a little cascade, and were thankfully promenading in quite a silence (means: only very few people on the way which is not self-evidently in this place). Then I remembered the scene in the book and thought: had Lady Dunnett ever been here? She must, the description was so precise, she must have been here. Unfortunately at this time of the year no butterflies could be seen.
Also when we stood at the old harbour, in the ancient city of Rhodes, viewed the Monolithos, I was constantly remembering the book and was immediately "transferred" into 15th century.
Some years later when we visited Rhodes in June/July we were fortunate to watch the butterflies in Kalopetra. Again a DUNNETT MOMENT for me.
Petra Cmiel from Hamburg