This is our special contribution for Dorothy Dunnett
In the coming days we tell stoires of our special Dunnett Moments.

How does it work?

The idea is taken from the German costum of the Adventskalender, usually a cardboad picture with 24 doors on it. The doors are numbered (1 for 1st Dec, ... to 24 for the 24th, = Christmas Eve).
Every morning we look for the door of the day, open it, and look on the surprise behind.

Well if you are impatient, it is leaft to you to open all doors at once but, - this would spoil the fun. This Adventskalender online works in the same way.

You can see the doors by passing it with the mouse, and (hopefully) if there is no programming mistake you find easily the door of the day, and can open it with a click.

And if it does not work at all, or if you can't find the door of the day...
here some help!

If you have problems or much better, - a fine idea how to improve the matter, I would be grateful to get a little mail. Thanks.

So far about the technical side.

And now, go and find the door of the day... and look behind...

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