Trying to reach Regina Marcinkowski

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Abgeschickt von Sandra Speiden am 12 Mai, 2000 um 12:39:41

I am trying to reach Regina Marcinkowski, who lives (lived?) in Bottrop, Germany. If anyone knows whether she has moved, and if so, what her new address is, I would be grateful if you could let me know. I mailed her several Dunnett books to her Bottrop address, and they were just returned (by the customs office) to me here in the USA. I'm not sure I understand the reason books would be kept at the customs office for the recipient to pick up there, rather than being delivered directly to the recipient's address, as is done in all the other countries to which I have mailed books. Any help any of you can give me will be very much appreciated! Thank you so much. Sandra Speiden


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