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Abgeschickt von Martine am 26 Juni, 2001 um 22:53:23:

Antwort auf: Re: Companion von Maria-Anna am 26 Juni, 2001 um 03:52:26:

Vorsicht Maria Anna und Kathrin:

da mag es ein Problem geben, der Companion ist eine amerikanische Ausgabe Random House, Vintage) und wird als solche wahrscheinlich nicht in UK (hier: Scotland)erhältlich sein.

Das scheibt Bill dazu:
Quelle: Bills Newsletter, May, 7th 2001


Although world rights for the new paperback edition of the original
Companion had been sold to Random House/Vintage, I had been having
no success in discovering how (or indeed if) the Companion would be
distributed in the UK. On turning to Dorothy's agent for help I heard that
Penguin/Michael Joseph were now regretting their sale of world rights
and were trying to buy back the UK rights for it. Now this might be good
news for UK, Commonwealth and European readers if only it had come
sooner, however there are severe doubts as to whether a Penguin edition
could be put together in time to match the US publication date - the
estimates I've been given have suggested November and I've told them
that if that were the earliest that could be done then most international
(and probably most internet connected UK) readers would simply order
from the US via Amazon or other US-based internet booksellers. This
situation is liable to constant change so please understand the position
and that we cannot take orders for it until we have a firm decision on
what's happening.


Ich würde vorher nochmal bei Bill anfragen, ob es so ist wie Kathrin vermutet, und es den Companion auf dem Bookfesival zu kaufen gibt...

soweit toitoitoi


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