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Abgeschickt von Martine am 30 August, 2001 um 13:34:28:

Antwort auf: Re: Cherryh von Martine am 29 August, 2001 um 23:42:55:

hier noch einezweitr Tip fallsder ALTE Chanurzyklus nichtzukriegen ist.
Die sterbenden Sonnen
Das sind drei Bücher, gibts bei Heyne im Sammlband. Mannbekommt zwar einen Tennisarm vom Lesen, da das Buch (TB)so dick ist, daß man es kaumhalten kann,dafür ist es ERSTKLASSIGE Ethno-SF mit einer wunderbaren Kultur.

Bei Amzon finde ich nur die englishe Ausgabe.

The Faded Sun
von C. J. Cherryh
US-Preisempfehlung*: $7.99
Preis: DM 18,35
EUR 9,38
Kategorie(n): Science Fiction & Fantasy
Taschenbuch - 775 Seiten - Daw Books
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2000
ISBN: 0886778697

Aus den Leserrezis:
This is without a doubt one of the best sci-fi books I've ever read. Full of intriguing characters and twisting(though coherent) plots, "The Faded Sun" is simply a great read. Technically it isn't perfect, having quite a few gramatically awkward areas and a somewhat slow pace, but the underlying richness of it makes one quickly forget such trivial complaints. I most hardily recommend this title, and believe even those who aren't particular fans of the genre will find it rewarding.

Here are the themes that Cherryh would work changes on for twenty years:

1. Seeing through alien eyes. At the center of the book, the mri, who look human enough to fool us into thinking they are. Apache/samurai, with a public face that speaks mercenary warfare, they have a private culture with deep, complex religious values. By the time the human, Sten Duncan, actually faces them, we feel we understand them and wait patiently for him to catch up.

2. Cultural values playing out their conflicts in the arena of warfare and commerce. As in other novels, such as the Chanur books, the large issues are trade, territory, politics, but what decides them is the play of culture against culture. In the Chanur books, Hani learn the merit of alliance with Kif. Here, human and mri come to understand each other.

3. Anabasis. Cherryh uses more than once the device of the long march, moving masses of people through her alien landscapes. The final novel, Kutath, does this effectively, as we adjust to the notion that the mri are not extinct.

*Hunter of Worlds,* *Gate of Ivrel*, and *The Faded Sun*: What a way to begin a career. And the promise held. Cherryh is a keeper, one of the people who will be remembered, along with Sturgeon, Le Guin, Wolfe and Card, for shifting the fringe genre of science fiction into the mainstream of literature and ideas.

und dort gibt es auch den Chanurzyklus:

The Chanur Saga
von C. J. Cherryh
US-Preisempfehlung*: $7.99
Preis: DM 18,35
EUR 9,38
Kategorie(n): Science Fiction & Fantasy
Taschenbuch - 672 Seiten - Signet Book
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2000
ISBN: 0886779308

These books are a perfect intersection between Ms. Cherryh's insightful extra-anthropological works and straightout adventure, with the most convincing space battles I've encountered, station docksides that make the cantina from Star Wars look like a walk in the park, and aliens characters so engaging that the humans seem, well, alien.

So genug Werbung, schön, daß es die Sachen auf Englisch noch gibt, die deutschen Übersetzungen sind sowieso meist hingeschludert.


PS: schade daß es mit dem Chat nicht geklappt hat, es war supernett, Maria-Anna war auch da. Wir müssen uns mal wieder fest verabreden...


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