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Abgeschickt von petra (f) am 12 September, 2001 um 21:42:48:

Antwort auf: formulierungsvorschlag für unseren solidaritätsbrief auf den englischen listen von petra (f) am 12 September, 2001 um 19:54:20:

hi meine lieben!

hoffe es ist euch so recht. ich habe alle namen reingeschrieben an die ich mich erinnern konnte.

Everyone from the German Dunnett pages and also from the German dunetties list wants to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is so difficult to find words for what happened to America and therefore to the world we all live in. But we are sure that if we stay together as one, we will get over this nightmare and maybe the world will be better for a while. All our deepest regrets and sympathy to those who have lost family members or friends at this accident. We are with you.

God bless you all and help you to pass through horror and hate to brighter days.

geomaler & dunnetties fellows
(chris, kathi, kathrin, gris, sylvie, petra c., petra s., karin, nina, simone, mary, christine, heike, heike f., alli, nicola, iris, meriamon, edith n., maria-anna, miry, tuna, mary, elisabeth, petra f., martine,... and a lot more. austria and germany are with you)

hoffe das war ok
love and peace


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