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Abgeschickt von Chris am 23 April, 2002 um 00:12:33

Antwort auf: OT: Weiss jemand, was yaffle heisst? von Karin am 22 April, 2002 um 23:07:27:

Hallo Karin,

hier ist meine google-Ausbeute:

I return to the puzzling vernacular verb ‘yaffle’, which meant to eat quickly and greedily, although no-one knew where it had come from. It sounded vaguely Anglo Saxon, yet it might also have come from any one of a number of languages encountered by visiting warships. At no time did I hear the word spoken outside of the Navy; I read it only once, in Annie Proulx’s ‘The Shipping News’, where reporters discuss an unusual number of sexual abuse stories including ‘the usual yaffle of disgusting old dads having it off with their kiddies …’.

Today, the references tell us that in many English country dialects, from Yorkshire south to Kent and west to Devon, the green woodpecker was called a yaffle. In other forms - yuffle, yoffle, hefful, hickle, eccle, Jack Eikle, icwell, yuckel - it meant to eat or drink greedily and noisily. The image of a woodpecker, claws locked to the bark of a tree and going to town with its beak, completes the metaphorical loop.

Ein "yaffling yaffle" wäre dann wohl ein "Schluckspecht", oder? Falls du mehr dazu lesen willst, Google, dann yaffle german eingeben und gleich in den ersten Link.

Lieben Gruß

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