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Abgeschickt von Martine am 26 Juli, 2002 um 12:01:39:

Antwort auf: GEMINI, über Fat Father Jordan (Spoiler) von Silke am 26 Juli, 2002 um 01:01:56:

DD über FFJ:

You begin to see its effect upon Nicholas, but you also see it inreverse, as it reveals the nature of the two older men. Someone recently asked whether the St Pols would all die at the end of this book. The enquiry sprang, I felt, perhaps wrongly, from a feeling that the St Pols
deserved retribution of some sort. For me, their place in the overall story was much more complex, relating as I've said to what they themselves learned and didn't learn, and how all that, stage by stage, was affecting Nicholas.
In fact, they did end their lives with this books, but it might not have happened that way. And from the way it did happen, their deaths were not without meaning. For another thing, Jordan de St Pol, Fat Father Jordan, is not an orthodox villain. He is a strong, clever man, full of
misconceptions and arrogant with it. Especially, he has a fierce pride in his family, and will not accept that it cannot be shaped as he wishes. He has very little interest in lesser mortals, but appreciates wit. And like all good commanders, he recognizes, when he has to, when his assessment has been at fault, and when he requires to adapt. It is the duel with Nicholas, the recognition of the revealed Nicholas, you might say, that had made his life worth living again, after the high court of France. And because he came back to Scotland, he had a chance, at last, to watch and understand Henry.

But of course, he wouldn't soften towards Nicholas at the ultimate moment, and even his last words 'Help her!' were a command as much for his own sake as for Bel's. I'm not selling you I couldn't Fat Father Jordan. But I will tell you that my American editor, Robert Gottlieb, thinks that he is the best character in the book.


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