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Abgeschickt von Birgit am 12 Maerz, 2005 um 20:12:58:

Im Zuge der "Medioxes" Diskussion hat sich damals noch Folgendes ergeben:

"Philippa was still unconscious when he disentangled her from the cluster of Medioxes, and pulling off the wig, lifted her in his arms, while Nicholas, climbing before him, pioneered their footing out of the shambles."

Pat Barker warf die Frage auf:

Whereas I might not see Nicholas quite as the DdD, I sometimes wonder if DD chose the name Nicholas with this passage in mind :-) He certainly was the pioneer for Lymond, wasn't he. Established his footing for wealth and status, and took him 'to the high ground.'

Wobei sie bei mir offene Türen einrannte:

I love this. It is definately striking a chord here! I'M so glad you mentioned this, Pat. I confess, I have been thinking along the same lines, wondering...

What brought me up short when revisiting this scene a while ago was what follows immediately after Lymond's anvil moment:

"And deep within him, missing its accustomed tread, his heart paused, and gave one single stroke, as if on an anvil. 'We're there, sir,' Nicholas said."

And indeed, Lymond has arrived. What a perfect moment to find the name Nicholas appear.
"We're there". Hmm. It did set me off on a delicious flight of fancy, just think of all the extra layers of meaning one could read into this in retrospect. It DID make me wonder if DD recognized it and if it helped to choose the name Nicholas for Lymond's soul twin. It does make perfect sense in this wonderful little episode.

How brilliant to cast Nicholas Chancellor (the son of his much mourned friend Diccon, the pilot who brought him back from Russia) in the role of Eros here. The little Genios, guiding Lymond, making sure he stays on course to his destiny, climbing before him, leading the way, pioneering their footing out of the shambles.

Then on the river, during the journey, laughing, giggling, "applying frequently for lines he didn't remember", reliving the experience, thus making sure Lymond does not forget, keeping him on track and pointing the way.

And then "we're there, sir", the mission is accomplished, Lymond has arrived in more ways than one.



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