Unknown Flemish Master: An Archery Festival, 1483
Unknown Flemish Master: An Archery Festival, 1483


... The first bowman, flexing his shoulders, took his place in the centre of the field below the high, painted pole, and footed the mark. The parrot, brilliant in the eye of the sun, struggled and screamed against the backdrop of the castle rock, scarlet with bracken and the autumn glory of beech and sycamore; above the rock, the Palace windows gave back the sun in stabs of flame behind their cage grilles. A voice shouted 'Fast'; the archer raised his longbow smoothly in the sky, nocked his arrow, drew, held and released; replaced his second shaft, aimed, held and released again.

The papingo squawked bad temperedly and swore with an Aberdeen accent; the arrow arched and fell harmlessly, six yards to the left. ...
    Dorothy Dunnett: Game of Kings,
    Part I, The Play for Jonathan Crouch: 7 - A Variety of Mating Replies
    -1- Play With A Rook Proves Dangerous

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