Lubin Baugin,(b. ca. 1610, Pithiviers, d. 1663, Paris), The Five Senses, 1630
Lubin Baugin, The Five Senses, 1630


... For maybe an hour now, Palmer's string of jocularities and pithy memoirs had stopped, and he was breathing hoarsely into the cards, eyes intent and chin set in three trim folds against his chest. Beside his chair, topped by a bundle of clothes, lay a good half of Scott's belongings. Beside Scott, kicked into a disorderly tangle by the eager feet of the onlookers, was every article presently owned by Tommy Palmer except one: his cousin's statement.

Scott was too tired to think. Often before he had played the night through, ending wild-eyed and unshaven and ravenously hungry and going to perform prodigies of nuisance-making in his father's wake. But against Palmer he needed more than a flair: he needed nerve and watchfulness and weblike concentration, with an instinct for bluff, and an inspiration to know when to call it. ...
    Dorothy Dunnett: Game of Kings,
    Part IV, The End Game:4, Baring: 2 - The Queen Moves to Her Beginning

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