Unknown Vanitas, 17th C.
Unknown Vanitas, 17th C.

John Dee

... Mirrors lined the walls of John Dee's sanctuary. Mirrors subtly aligned and invisibly mishappen, placed on frieze and wainscoting cheating infinity: the piled books and crossed scrolls, the racks of instruments and shelves of pots, jars and alembics, the pinned maps and charts, the iron clock and the magnifying glass, the great Mercator globe on the floor, and the bunches of dried herbs, slowly swinging from the beamed ceiling. It was less a study than a workshop, with standish and quills competing with auger and handsaw and file: sawdust, and filings were gathered everywhere and only the mirrors opposite the door, wilfully distorting, had been kept deliberately clean. ...
    Dorothy Dunnett: The Ringed castle, Part Three, Chapter 6
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