CAVAZZOLA, Warrior with Equerry, 1518-22
CAVAZZOLA, Warrior with Equerry, 1518-22


... In all the length of the bare room, no one spoke. The long blades exploded together, cracked, chimed and clattered; the stockinged feet slid and shuffled and the two men breathed in gasps, quickly, traversing and gyrating, slipping in and out of sword-length, each in a cocoon of whirring light. A blizzard of suns on walls and ceilings enclosed them.
Culter was a master, worth seeing on any terms; worth seeing even when wrought up with anger. His brain directed; his eyes and feet, shoulders and wrists answered, and the result was sure and powerful swordplay. ...
    Dorothy Dunnett: The Game of Kings, Part IV - The End Game, 2. The Ultimate Check: 3. The Last Move
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