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... Dany said; ' I simply love having secrets from Adam and Ludo, but I am risking my fair neck in the Cause. You are supposed to supply me with some basic information, if not to inspire me. Actually I should love to be inspired. Why don't we like the Lennoxes?"
'Because they talk too much,' Lymond said. 'What are Blacklock and d'Harcourt doing?'
'Blacklock, Adam is drawing maps,' Danny said. 'Having been offered the position of cartographer with the Muscovy Company at twenty pounds per annum when you have departed, and having accepted with alacrity. D'Harcourt, Ludo, has got a new woman at Smithfield. Neither of them is likely to burst in on us.'
'And you?' Lymond said. He did not, to Danny's regret, address him as Hislop, Danny. ...
    Dorothy Dunnett: The Ringed castle, Part Three, Chapter 8
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