The first day of advent should be a hearty thank you all who contributed for the Calender.
No, I'm not going to name 'who' beforehand, because this is the surprise behind the doors, but there are a few things to say before.

I put all the contributions in without any comment. It is a collection of very private moments, stories, tributes, comments, citations... anything. And for everyone, it is a special and precious thing they sent to me. I was often moved and touched by what you have sent.

The only thing I should perhaps explain is about the illustrations.

The painting of the title page is a detail from Antonio Pereda y Salgado, a Spanish 17th century painter. The whole painting is called El sueno del caballereo (The Knight's Dream), I left the knight out, but liked so much the still live on the table. So everybody who wants to see the whole thing or have a closer look on the knight may go to:

Web Gallery of Art

Why did I choose all this cheesy preraffaelites and victorian details?

My special delight in Dunnett is the imagination. Her novels are full of this imagination, and I did not want to take again the Renaissance paintings I took for the website. I wanted a bit of prism in it.
Kind of dunnettish "Look twice" effect...

And there is one thing, these Victorian painters and Dunnett novels have in common, they recreate their image of history in creating people. With word, with picture.
Look twice, and have fun with them.

Leaves to describe my feelings, and I can say no better about Dorothy Dunnett and the joy her books have given to me, than in the words, we have sung last year at the Edinburgh Gathering: Look what Lady Dunnett has done...

Martine from Berlin