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Abgeschickt von Martine am 18 August, 2001 um 13:40:38:

Antwort auf: Nachrichten aus dem Dunnettuniversum: von Martine am 16 August, 2001 um 22:14:01:

Liebe Dunnetties,
seid ihr einverstanden mit folgendem Text oder habt ihr noch Änderungswünche oder Verbesserungen?


Dear Bill,

Here is Martine speaking for all the "German Dunnettie community".

As you proposed, we want to express to Dorothy our wishes for well being and for quick recovering this way.
Some of us have had the great joy and pleasure to meet Dorothy at Edinburgh the last year, and all of us were worried when we heard the first rumours about her being ill. Your mail comforted us a bit and was calming down the ongoing rumours about her health as well.

We ask you, to do the messenger of our well wishing and also of our birthday greetings to Dorothy.

We wish her a good time and a quick recovery and a fine birthday, with a lot of fun together with friends and family.
And please express to her, there is no need to answer our best wishes and we would be very unhappy with the thought, that she feels she has to spent time, she may better use in recovering her health and enjoying our greetings and celebrate her birthday.
She has had a busy and very stuffed time, as I imagine is always the case when you finish a project. And as I have learned by her letter from July, she was just finishing the second Companion with Elspeth.
In no way, we want to make her feel obliged to answer, just to say "hello, we think of you and we feel concerned if you are not well". Please say her, she may have a little glance on her wellbeing, and not to strain herself and she should spend a lot of time by doing the things she likes the most, and that our wishes are exactly for that and out thoughts are with her.

Please Bill, can you do that for us?

We would be very thankful.

Martine speaking
for all the Dunnetties at


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