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Abgeschickt von Martine am 26 Juli, 2002 um 11:57:10:

Antwort auf: GEMINI, über Julius (Spoiler) von Silke am 26 Juli, 2002 um 00:38:21:

Hi Silke,

das schreibt DD über Julius:


That was history. Now let's think of the fiction. I had a letter from someone saying "I finished Gemini five minutes ago, and tomorrow I'm going to start back at the beginning and read from GoK onwards." I wonder how many felt like that after the Great Unmasking of Julius, and how many had already decided that he was probably the villain, before the scenes at North Berwick?

I'd be quite pleased if some did, for I didn't want it to seem unbelievable. In fact, the loose ends were all there, carefully planted from the beginning and I mean the beginning. Try and imagine what it was like for me, setting those very few scenes in Niccolo Rising, and half-conveying the thoughts, even then, in Julius's head as he began to realise that N was clever, and if only he could push him into being ambitious, he would do all his dirty work for him.

So what were the loose ends? I'm sure you noticed them. When I came to list them myself, it did occur to me that it would quickest to ring up
dunnetwork and get the information from them, but I did do the checking out myself. In fact, there were quite a lot of inexplicable and violent
happenings. The talk of poisons at Geneva. The death of Lucia, linked with the mysterious attack not on Simon, but on Anselm Adorne. The near-accident with a bare lance, which would have made a murderer of Adorne. The mysterious arrow in Venice, the suspicious drowning of Tasse, the
attempt to trace Adelina through Thibault, the fall from the scaffolding of a church and other mischances in Poland. And in Gemini, of course, the message that betrayed Nicholas' journey to England. Who was to blame?

To begin with, there were quite a few possible culprits, but the field narrowed a bit, as the lesser characters died, or were given their
proper credentials. And so, slowly, we had to come to realise that one man had been behind most of the trouble from the beginning, and learn in the end who he was.

I had wanted some clues, but at the same time, I had given myself some advantages. I didn't want to be out-guessed by book two. I made Julius
handsome, for no one likes to think badly of a good-looking man. His name was a little like Jerott's, and he even had some of the same disarming thought processes, or immature as it was, in his case. Also, he was not an evil, double-dyed villain with a single consistent objective. You would have noticed that. He was not of the highest intelligence, and by Bologna, had been brought to acknowledge it at least to himself. He wanted to better his prospects, but he vacillated. If good times came along, he would
forget his campaign for a while. He was harder to spot, therefore, than Gabriel was in the Lymond books especially as, like Simon, he occasionally drove Nicholas crazy, and nearly got himself killed.

There were other candidates, of course, carefully planted to confuse the issue. David Simpson was one. He, too, was hard to pin down, because he
didn't work towards a single straightforward objective. He was very like Primaflora in some ways. He wanted to be an object of love, secure and showered with favors, but when his expectations failed, he turned, unlike Primaflora, against Nicholas himself, as well as his lovers and friends.


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