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Abgeschickt von Martine am 19 August, 2002 um 10:41:41:

Antwort auf: Re: DDs Nachlass von Martine am 19 August, 2002 um 09:35:23:

Hi alle,
da die Frage aufgetaucht ist, worum es hier eigentlich geht, nach DDs Tod wurde die Dunnett Readers Association gegründet, der unter anderm Anne McMillan vorstehen. Diese Organisation sollte sicherstellen, daß die Referenzbibliothek und Dunnetts Archiv für ihre Leser und zur Literaturforschung weiter zur Verfügung stehen indem sie in eine Stiftung übergehen.

Zr Zeit werden jedoch Dinge aus dem Nachlaß verkauft, die eigentlich in dieses Archiv gehören. Warum das so ist, möchte ich hier nicht diskutieren, einer der Hauptgründe könnte das fehlende Geld für die Stiftung sein.

Simon und Cindy aus GB haben nun sozusagen Feuerwehr gespielt und versuchen für die DDRA die Referenzbibliotek und andere Kleinigkeiten zu retten.


Anbei zwei Postings zu dem Thema, die die Vorgehensweise erhellen:

Simon wrote:

My answer to all life's problems is to start an email list. I've started a new list on Yahoogroups entitled DD Auction. To subscribe, send an email to:

This list is intended for people who are seriously considering attending the
auction of DD's personal effects in Edinburgh, or who are considering
bidding for items, or who wish to contribute towards any joint purchase of

Cindy Byrne and myself are planning to attend, and are considering offering
to bid on behalf of others if we can work out a sensible method of doing
this. It would be a great shame if people who might wish to collaborate on
a bid, or agree to bid for different items, found that they had been
inadvertently competing instead.

Issues of proxy bidding, ownership, precedence and money transfer can all be
discussed on that list.

The list is intended to die after its purpose has been achieved.

Simon Hedges

PS. Could a DDUK Member please pass this email on to DDUK - I'm not a

Cindy Byrne wrote:
> Hello all,
> This will be my last communication on this subject - Guide's Honour. :))
> I've just finished a phone call to the auction house in Edinburgh and they
> say they are in the process of typing up a catalogue at this very minute
> which will be available on Thursday at the earliest, and which they have
> promised to email to me. As I will be leaving for Edin on Friday morning it
> makes things rather difficult, but not impossible. If anyone is interested
> in seeing the full list could you please subscribe to the
> as I will be posting the list there. I was able
> to find out that although most of the items will be auctioned individually
> some will be sold in lots, although what and how many have not been decided
> yet. I did ask about the warming apple which didn't appear in the list we
> received but it doesn't appear that this is an auction item.
> It is our intention (Simon and Denise Gannon and I) with your help, to bid
> on and try to secure those very special items mentioned in the subject
> header to be given to the Reader's Association or some other organisation
> where they will be held in trust for DD's readers everywhere. Although we
> don't know quite where or to whom, and details are still being hammered out,
> the first object must be to obtain them and then everything else can be put
> in place. Obviously we have absolutely *no* idea of what the items will
> fetch at auction and whether or not there is any reserve - the auctioneer
> was unable to tell me - so members of the DDAuction group are volunteering
> donations in order to be in with a chance in case the bidding becomes very
> expensive. If any of you feel you would like to contribute to the fund it
> you would be very welcome. Again, this is being done through the DDAuction
> list where Simon has set up a...guess what...wait for it...poll!!!...(LOL!)
> where people can indicate how much they feel they can contribute. In the
> event that the fund exceeds the purchase price we will make some sort of
> pro-rata arrangements.
> Well, I guess that's all. If anyone would care to send this to the other
> Dunnett lists I'd appreciate it.
> Cindy


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